Adobe Flash Player Update Available for Download

Adobe has released a new update for Flash Player bumping its version number to If you have Adobe Flash Player installed and it is not set to automatically install updates, you should update to Flash Player as soon as possible. Adobe has not released any change log for the latest Adobe Flash Player update yet. We will update the post once any information is available.

Adobe Flash Player Update

According to a report published by Bromium on its blog, the number of Flash Player vulnerabilities and exploits spiked in 2015. “Currently, Flash exploits and malvertising go hand-in-hand, so this trend represents how two vulnerable systems can be attacked to compromise an end-user or an enterprise,” the report states.

Further the report also provides reasons for the increase of vulnerabilities and exploits that are now found in Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player being widely used is one of the primary reason for becoming a prime target of attackers. Also, as Microsoft is increasing security of both Internet Explorer and Windows, attackers are shifting their focus to other weakest links for attack, such as Flash Player.

The earlier update fixed 19 security bugs in Flash Player including one 0-day vulnerability. The 0-day vulnerability (CVE-2015-8651) was actively used “limited, targeted attacks.” Even though no change log is available yet for the latest update, we still highly recommend users to update Adobe Flash Player to its latest version. Adobe Flash Player is considered as one of the most vulnerable applications. If you are wondering on how to update Adobe Flash Player to its latest version, please follow the how to section of this post.

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