Scan Files Online With 22 Antivirus Without First Downloading to Computer

novirusthanksMost of the time if we want to know whether a file contains virus or not is either by downloading the file to our computer first and then let our installed antivirus scan the file or upload the downloaded suspicious file to Virustotal or other independent online antivirus website for scanning. This method involves the risk of getting infected since you have to download the file first to your computer in both the cases. I think this process is very risky, even though I am having a security suite installed but I also know that none of the security suites available in the market are 100% effective against all viruses, Trojans, malicious scripts etc.

I was searching for a service that will scan the file even before the file is downloaded to my computer. I found NoVirusThanks which can scan files with 22 antivirus engines without first downloading it to my computer. NoVirusThanks, a website that offers free service to analyze your file with 22 Antivirus Engines and will report back the analysis result has now included a new feature to scan web address. The new “Scan Web Address” option allow users to scan a file before they download it in their own computer. You can scan, for example, the file located in before download it in your computer. It can also be used to scan a single web page .html/.php/.js with all the Antivirus engines. Sometimes when a direct download link to a file is being hidden, Scan Web Address can also handle the redirection or any changes in the file name. NoVirusThanks has also been recently optimized for stability and with improved binder detector.

Let me walk you through NoVirusThanks online scanner and how to scan a file without downloading it to your computer

  1. First find the link or the  that you want to scan. e.g. Let’s take Pingdom’s GIGRIB Client. Visit the official GIGRIB Client download page.
  2. Right click on the link that lets you download the file and select Copy Link Location. pingdomGIGRIB
  3. Now visit NoVirusThanks and click on the Scan Web Address tab.
  4. Right click on the box just below the text that says “Web Address To Scan”, select Paste and finally click on Submit Address button. submit
  5. Wait for a few minutes and you will have a report on how many antivirus detected the file as infected. scan-result

The main advantages of this feature are it protects your computer off any infections from the downloaded file and it also allows you to save your time and bandwidth if you are on a limited plan. You will also have the confidence of downloading a clean file.

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