IFTTT App For Android Brings Android Channels, Available For Download On Google Play Store (Quick Review)

IFTTT is one of the best and unique web service that allows users to connect different web applications (like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc.) using simple conditional statements. IFTTT is short of “If This Than That” and the conditional statements, called “Recipes” by IFTTT. It helps users automate many day-to-day repetitive tasks, thus saves a lot of time. IFTTT already has an official app for iOS users while Android users were left to wait. It seems that the long wait is finally over for Android users. IFTTT app for Android is now available for download from the Google Play Store. IFTTT Android app like its sibling iOS app looks clean and is very powerful. The app comes with special “Android channels” which gives more power to the users. Users can now use these channels (Android smartphone functions) to create IFTTT recipes. You are now just limited to your imagination for creating powerful recipes and become Android power user. Here’s our first-hand quick review of the official IFTTT app for Android.

When you launch the IFTTT app for the first time on your Android smartphone, you’re greeted by a brief informative tour of the IFTTT app. Through this tour, IFTTT explains some basic tasks along with a pictorial overview about how the service works. It will be helpful for first time IFTTT users who wants to try the service. At the end of this small tour, the sign in or sign up screen comes up. Once you sign in, the app displays different Android channels available for you in its Android app.

Simply tap on the Android channels and select a recipe to use. You can either create your own recipe by tapping on the button at the top right or you can use recipes created by other IFTTT users. The Android channels lets you manage photos, calls, notifications and more by connecting them to other channels by creating or using IFTTT recipes.

Simply tap on the options button to see app settings. Here, you can view all the available recipe channels in use. The IFTTT app lets you easily stop, delete or edit recipes from here.

The app also lets you browse recipes by collection, featured recipes, trending recipes, and the all time top recipes. You can enable any one of the recipes listed here. It also lets you share your recipes created using the app.


Are you a power IFTTT user or a first time user? Share with us your experience using the IFTTT app for Android.

You can download IFTTT app for Android from Google Play Store.

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