Microsoft Security Bulletins For May 2012 Released, Patches 23 Vulnerabilities

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  1. darline philpott says:

    mezanul/mytech ,Iopted out of computers and all that came with them. even thiugh I ve purchased 4 dells for my daughter aformer navy sub computer troubleshooter and her children.I had used them in law enforcement ,and found them lack,or should i say ifound the soft ware R & D ditto tech writers slow and incompetent with applications for the layman demographic. I stumbled on you site for help for google chrome and got it. you with the epiphany and your pensive staff are my new Dell 23.5 touch is becoming a joy.i have plenty of time and an eidetic memory.use me.i love tech writing and i understand and can break down most things to make the plain. thank you! corieana1013***** whoo hoo fyi msn is trying to wear too many hats to ensure loyalty and aggressive….tsk aquiecent response or reply solicited.

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