This Week In Windows, Mac and Linux News: 25 – 31 March 2012

This week, updates for various software mostly web browsers being released, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari. Email client Thunderbird also got an update this week. Apple updated its flagship all-in-one media player iTunes too. Rumors about the release of Windows 8 buzzed this week. Check out about all this and more after the break.

Chrome 18, Opera 11.62, Safari 5.1.5 Released

In the web browser front, Google Chrome got updated to version 18 with lots of improvements that includes faster and fancier graphics for most users with a GPU. Opera 11.62 got released this week and is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements. Opera users will also notice some performance improvements after applying the update. Apple pushed out Safari 5.1.5 update this week. This update corrects 32-bit stability after many reports of websites not running properly under 32-bit mode.

Thunderbird 11.0.1 Released

Thunderbird one of the most popular email client got updated to version 11.0.1. The latest update is now based on the new Mozilla Gecko 11 engine. The email client also received a face-lift and now displays tabs above the main menu bar to ease navigation and to make it more contextual. Fixes includes a crash seen during importing of Microsoft Outlook profiles, an issue that may cause hangs when handling IMAP mail and an issue that may cause filters that move mail to specific folders to be erroneously changed.

iTunes 10.6.1 Released

iTunes 10.6.1 update fixes bugs that may cause it to unexpectedly quit when playing videos, changing artwork size in Grid view, and syncing photos to devices. It also fixes a bug that caused iTunes to become unresponsive when syncing the iPod nano or iPod shuffle.

Windows 8 Rumors

According to a post made by, Windows 8 will enter the Release Candidate stage in late May or early June. This seems going contrary to what everyone was speculating earlier about retail availability of Windows 8 in October. Well, we can only say that all these are just rumors at this point until Microsoft announces something officially.

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