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How To Get Windows Defender Offline Update In Windows 10

Microsoft bundles Windows Defender as the default antivirus in Windows 10 to provide basic security against common threats like virus, spyware, trojan and other malware. Since, Windows Defender is deeply integrated with the operating system, the virus definition updates are delivered via Windows Update. So, if you have made changes...

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Microsoft Releases Critical Security Updates for Windows

Microsoft has released 13 security patches for this month’s Patch Tuesday, fixing vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer. Out of the 13 security patches, 5 are rated as critical and should be installed by every Windows users. These critical patches are essential fixes for vulnerabilities discovered in Windows.

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Windows 8.1 Update 2 (aka August Update) Available for Download Again

Microsoft recently removed August Update (aka Windows 8.1 Update 2) files because of multiple issues that occurred after users installed them. Users went to Microsoft Community forum complaining various issues. Issues including Black Screen of Boot error, BSOD, font rendering issues, etc. Initially Microsoft had very little to offer users...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for October 2009 Includes Windows 7 Security Patches 0

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for October 2009 Includes Windows 7 Security Patches

Microsoft last Thursday has announced at The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), it’s going to release 13 security patches on “Patch Tuesday” (October 13th, 2009), via Windows Update. These security patches will patch 34 new vulnerabilities that affects: Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Silverlight, Forefront, Developer Tools, and SQL Server. Microsoft releases important security patches on the second...