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Microsoft .NET Framework repair tool 0

Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

Microsoft .NET Framework is an important part of Windows operating systems. That is why, Microsoft preinstalls .NET Framework in every Windows operating systems. As with all other Microsoft software, the software giant releases updates for .NET Framework. Most of the time, .NET Framework updates complete without an issues. But sometime, those...

Microsoft Security Bulletins October 2010 Released 1

Microsoft Security Bulletins October 2010 Released

Microsoft published 16 Security Bulletins addressing 49 vulnerabilities on “Patch Tuesday,” October 12. Patch Tuesday got its name as Microsoft releases security patches and updates every second Tuesday of a month while only highly critical vulnerabilities receive out-of-band security patches. Compared to last month’s record Patch Tuesday, this month’s list is massive....

download visual studio 2010 keyboard shortcuts 0

Download Free Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Shortcut “Cheat Sheet” Posters

Microsoft has released free resources designed to enable developers leveraging Visual Studio 2010 to improve their workflow and productivity. The free refreshed version of the Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Posters (aka. Visual Studio 2010 Cheat Sheets) are now up for grabs from the Microsoft Download Center. The posters are set up...

Microsoft Announces Free Certification Exams 0

Microsoft Announces Free Certification Exams

Microsoft has announced on TechNet blog about offering free certification “beta” exams for the developers. “Beta” exams, as Microsoft have named this exam, are actual exams. During the exam development process, the actual exams will be made available, at a Prometric testing center, for no charge. This helps them increase exam quality...