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Mozilla Adds Vulnerable Java 7 Update 7 To Blocklist [Security Alert]

Mozilla has added Java 7 Update 7 to its add-on block list after it found the plugin vulnerable. This means, if you have Java 7 Update 7 installed on your computer (be it Windows, Linux or Mac), Firefox will automatically block the Oracle Java plugin. Oracle Java 7 Update 7 is...

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Patch Tuesday June 2011: Critical Security Issues in Windows, IE, Office

Microsoft has issued an advanced security bulletin notification for June 2011 Patch Tuesday. Unlike last month’s only two bulletins, this month Microsoft has issued 16 bulletins, covering a range of security holes in the Windows operating system, .NET Framework, Silverlight, Forefront Threat Management Gateway, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, SQL Server...

WordPress 3.0.4: Critical Security Update Released 1

WordPress 3.0.4: Critical Security Update Released

WordPress 3.0.4 is released just now. This is a critical security update for all previous WordPress versions. This update fixes XSS vulnerabilities in the KSES library: “Don’t be case sensitive to attribute names. Handle padded entities when checking for bad protocols. Normalize entities before checking for bad protocols in esc_url().”...

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