Windows Update: Enable or Disable Automatic System Reboot

Windows 8.1

Microsoft on second Tuesday of every month releases new patches (popularly known as "Patch Tuesday") for Windows, which sometimes needs a system reboot. We have earlier shown ways to shutdown Windows without applying Windows updates. That quick tip was handy if you are in an emergency and you need … [Read more...]

OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack For Windows

OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack For Windows

Apple's next upcoming OS X 10.9 dubbed as OS X Mavericks was announced recently at the WWDC 2013. OS X Mavericks boasts improvements and a lot of changes under the hood. If you adore the look of the latest OS X and want the same look for your Windows operating system, here's OS X Mavericks … [Read more...]

Disable Gadgets In Windows 7, Vista: Vulnerabilities in Gadgets Could Allow Remote Code Execution


Microsoft originally introduced desktop gadgets in Windows Vista operating system and continued supporting them in Windows 7 operating system. As the release of Windows 8 final version is coming near, there were reports that indicate that Microsoft will remove desktop gadgets from Windows 8 … [Read more...]

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 Download


Microsoft Security Essentials 4 antivirus software is available for PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Microsoft has silently made available Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) 4.0 download, the latest version of the Redmond software giant's free … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Mainstream Support Ends, Two Years Left Of Windows XP, Office 2003 Support


Microsoft on April 10, 2012 ends Mainstream support for Windows Vista as well as Office 2007. Extended support for both Windows XP and Office 2003 ends in two years on April 8, 2014. According to Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy, Microsoft will offer a minimum of 10 year support for Business, … [Read more...]

Windows Defender Offline For Disinfecting PCs That Can’t Go Online [Beta]

Microsoft has released Windows Defender Offline, an offline antivirus tool, for PCs that are badly infected by malicious and other potentially unwanted software, including rootkits, to even get full access to the Internet. The offline antivirus tool basically allows a user to boot their infected … [Read more...]

Windows Firewall Notifier: Easily Configure Windows Firewall Rules


Windows operating system comes with a built-in firewall to protect the system. Windows Firewall like all other software firewalls available out there, protects your Windows system from unauthorized access while allowing legit network to pass through. Unfortunately, configuring the firewall settings … [Read more...]

RefreshPC: Reset Windows Registry And Services To Defaults


Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8 is coming with a unique feature called "System Reset". System Reset will let users restore Windows 8 to factory defaults. This feature will save a lot of time for system administrators and users alike, and will save you from having to reinstall … [Read more...]

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

microsoft standalone system sweeper tool

Microsoft through Connect has released a beta version of Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper. It is basically a system recovery software disguised as a recovery CD or USB application that Windows users can use to remove malware from a system. It can start an infected PC and performing offline scan … [Read more...]

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 with 1 Year License (Direct Download Links) [Giveaway, Promotion Expired]

Comodo Internet Security Pro

Comodo Internet Security is a free, multi-layered computer security suite that keeps malware and hackers at bay while protecting your computer and private information. Comodo guarantees protection against viruses and malware by focusing on prevention not simply detection. Comodo Internet Security … [Read more...]