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Facebook Finally Gets Edit Post Feature

Facebook has finally rolled out the much-needed ‘Edit posts‘ feature. Earlier Facebook users were not able to edit their posts once they publish it. The only option users had been to delete the post and rewrite it if they made any mistakes. The Edit posts feature finally allows Facebook users to edit posts and statuses after they have posted them. Facebook has already allowed comment editing for over a year, but posts and statuses lacked the edit feature. Now that the edit feature is here, just like in comments, your friends will be able to see a history of edits,...

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Protect Your LinkedIn Account With Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to accounts in addition to traditional password-based authentication. Two-step verification is the most popular method to improve account security on the Internet. Internet companies such as Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, Twitter and more have already adopted the two-step verification feature to improve security. LinkedIn announced that it has implemented two-step verification for sign-in for all accounts on the professional social network site to improve account security. Two-step verification feature on your LinkedIn account is not enabled by default. You need to manually enable it (see how to enable two-factor authentication below) to...

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Facebook Messenger For Android, iOS App Gets Voice Messaging Ability, VoIP Pilot Testing In Canada

Facebook has updated its Messenger for Android app and Messenger for iOS app. The worth mentioning feature added in the app on both platforms is the voice messaging capability. With the new feature update to the Messenger app, Facebook is finally getting into VoIP market, which is rumored to let Facebook Messenger users call other Messenger friends for free. If you are not familiar with the Facebook Messenger app, here’s a brief explanation for you. Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS lets you easily chat with your friends, send private messages, send SMS message to friends or anyone in your...

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Facebook Messenger For Android Allows You To Use Your Name, Phone Number As Login

Facebook has updated Facebook Messenger for Android based devices. The latest version is lets non-Facebook users sign up with just their name and phone number even if they don’t have a Facebook account or email address. The important change makes Facebook Messenger for Android a direct competitor of another popular messaging service WhatsApp. Before the update was announced by Facebook, the Internet was abuzz with reports that the social network giant was trying to acquire the most popular cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp. Messenger for Android You can download Facebook Messenger for Android through the official Google Play Store. After you have installed it on your...

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Facebook Messenger For Firefox Now Available, The First Social API App

Mozilla announced few days back about Firefox beta’s preliminary support for Social APIs. Mozilla has finally come up with the very first app based on this Social API’s, Facebook Messenger for Firefox. This app is really slick in design and functionality. If you are one of those Facebook users who are always online, you will like this app. But to make the app work on Firefox, you need to run the latest Firefox beta version (version 17 or newer releases). Mozilla during the announcement stated that, “Much like the OpenSearch standard, the Social API enables developers to integrate social services into the...

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How To Protect Your Phone Number On Facebook, Protect Your Privacy

A recent research by Indian security researcher Suriya Prakash, has revealed that majority of phone numbers of users are not safe on Facebook. The security researcher has claimed that around 83.3 percent of Facebook users are vulnerable. Facebook has also confirmed about the exploit by the researcher and said that it has limited the brute force search attack. The attack is possible because Facebook doesn’t limits phone number searches (after the media exposure, Facebook has limited the searches) that can be performed by a user via the mobile version of its website. In fact, any malicious user can abuse Facebook’s phone search with brute force search attack, to...

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Become a Fan on our Official Facebook Fan Page!

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Official My Technology Guide fan page on Facebook. Now, our readers on Facebook will be able to follow My Technology Guide’s updates and happenings on Facebook. This will also help us to come even closer to our readers via the interaction through the “My Technology Guide Fan Page”. Readers can easily contribute more through their comments and feedback on the articles on our Facebook Fan Page. One of the great things about our Fan Page is that any Facebook user can post their comments, feedback, suggestions, criticism on My Technology Guide’s Fan page...

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