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How To Block The Star Wars Movie Spoilers

The Star Wars – The Force Awakens was released last Friday. In the first weekend the movie broke several box office records in North America. For an epic movie like Star Wars, spoiler alerts are a nuisance for every fan yet to watch it themselves. It does not matter if you are a new or a die-hard Star Wars fan, after waiting with anticipation to go and watch the movie yourself and find out the story, it would be a shame if you stumbled upon a web page where someone has spoiled about the movie. The anticipation around The...

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Mozilla Adds Vulnerable Java 7 Update 7 To Blocklist [Security Alert]

Mozilla has added Java 7 Update 7 to its add-on block list after it found the plugin vulnerable. This means, if you have Java 7 Update 7 installed on your computer (be it Windows, Linux or Mac), Firefox will automatically block the Oracle Java plugin. Oracle Java 7 Update 7 is admittedly not the latest version of Java, as of now, that is, November 24, 2012, Java 7 Update 9 is the latest version available for download and install. So, if you want to re-enable Java on Firefox, you need to download the latest version of Java and install it....

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Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262 Update Fixes Firefox Issues

Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3.300.262, which officially fixes the issues faced by Mozilla Firefox users. Adobe Flash Player update that shipped earlier this month caused problems for Firefox users. Most users complained that the update caused Firefox to crash or freeze. Mozilla released an update last week to temporarily fix some issues related to Flash. Mozilla, along with Adobe also offered some troubleshooting tips for affected Firefox users. Manual Workarounds to Fix Firefox-Flash Player issues Mozilla recommended its users to disable or uninstall RealPlayer Browser Record extension (if RealPlayer is installed in users PC). Mozilla also recommended to...

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Print Edit: Easily Format Webpages For Printing [Firefox Addon]

Printing webpages is sometimes very painful experience. What to do when the webpage you want to print is not so “print friendly“? What to do when you want only a portion of the content to print instead of the full webpage? How to remove all the ads, useless navigation links and other unwanted content before printing to save toner and page? Well, Print Edit add-on for Firefox is an answer to all these questions and more. It basically enhances the basic Print Preview functionality by adding an Edit button to it. After installation of the plugin, restart Firefox. Now, visit any website which you want to Print it after using Print Edit. Click Print Edit in the Firefox File menu under Print sub menu or right-click on the page and select Print Edit or from within the Print Preview, click the “Edit” button in the toolbar. Once in editing mode you can select and deselect elements, hide and delete elements. After you select a section, it gets outlined by a blinking-broken-red line border. You can even select many sections at once and do the tasks. If you are an advanced user, you can even decorate the page by doing some advanced tweaking through the Format drop-down option. Using Format you can resize the margins, change alignment, change list style, change border and so on. Once you’re done formatting the...

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Anonymizer Nevercookie: Firefox Add-on to Kill the Evercookie

Is it too much if one is asking for one’s own privacy on the Internet these days? First, we had normal browser cookies, then we had more persistent Flash cookies and now the Evercookie that can provide everyone from advertisers to malware authors with useful information about the sites you have visited and more. Evercookie, an open source JavaScript API developed by security researcher Samy Kamkar, when implemented by any website stores a user ID and cookie data in eight different places. This makes evercookie a more persistent cookie form than Flash cookies or normal browser cookies. Its goal...

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Xmarks Bookmark Sync Service Shutting Down [Plus Xmarks Alternatives]

Xmarks is a bookmark sync browser add-on that lets you synchronize all your bookmarks, passwords and other data over several computers, across almost all popular browsers. I am a Xmarks user myself and use it to sync my bookmarks across all the browsers that I use. Sadly, this awesome bookmark sync service will be shutting down service on January 10, 2011. According to the blog post update on the official Xmarks blog, from today Xmarks will start sending notifications to its users (I still haven’t received one) that the service will be shut down in 90 days. The reasons for the shutdown are explained in detail in the blog post. It can be understood that the main reasons behind shutting down Xmarks are funds running out and Xmarks being unable to find a viable business model or a buyer. Xmarks (founded in 2006 under the original name Foxmarks) started out as a Firefox plug-in that lets users sync their bookmarks on several computers. Later, Foxmarks rechristened as Xmarks, as it extended support for other browsers and added more functionality, such as browsing recommendations and password syncing. Xmarks claims it serves around 2 million users across 5 million desktops, and still adding nearly 3,000 new accounts per day (their registration page is still online). You may be wondering, then why Xmarks is seeing the end of the road? Well, when big players like...

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AVG LinkScanner now Available for Mac [Freeware]

AVG Technologies has unveiled AVG LinkScanner for the Mac operating system. AVG LinkScanner for Mac is the first free AVG product designed for Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard and supports Internet browsers Safari 3.x, Safari 4.x, Safari 5.x and Mozilla Firefox 3.x and higher. According to AVG research, 99 percent of all malicious threats are delivered through the web and cannot be stopped with traditional antivirus software. These threats can come and go within hours and can live on familiar, big-name sites and even on third-party applications on popular social networking sites, without users even noticing. And with the growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others, the bad guys are using these sites as their main vehicle for spreading malware. AVG LinkScanner has two key features to protect you: Surf-Shield scans the page behind any link you click on or any web address you type into your browser. If the page is infected, it stops you from opening it. (This happens so quickly that you don’t even notice it). AVG LinkScanner works in real-time and checks for active threats before you land on a page. Search-Shield scans search results and places a safety rating next to each link so you know where it’s safe to click. This applies when searching with Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Like AVG’s extremely popular free LinkScanner for Windows offering which has...

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Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on

Google has recently released a Web browser add-on that will stop the browser from sending information to the Google Analytics service. To provide website visitors with more choice about how their data is collected by Google Analytics, we have developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. The add-on communicates with the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate that information about the website visit should not be sent to Google Analytics. Mainly websites use Google Analytics service to know their site’s traffic pattern and to optimize their website further for their visitors. When a person visits a site, Analytics creates a cookie on the person’s computer. Cookies are small data files used to record information about how a person interacts with a website. You can easily remove cookies from any browser. Google’s new Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on when installed in the supported browsers, basically tells the Google Analytics service that information about the website visit should not be sent to Analytics. Other add-ons that were available to Firefox users before Google’s official Analytics opt-out add-on is released to block Analytics are Adblock Plus add-on and NoScript add-on. They both can be set to prevent Google Analytics from receiving any information from the browser. Another add-on called OptimizeGoogle, entirely blocks the Google Analytics cookie in addition to modifying other aspects of Google’s behavior, including blocking Google advertisements and modifying the user ID...

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With Weave Sync 1.0 add-on Mozilla Firefox Officially gets Bookmark Syncing Tool

Mozilla released Weave Sync add-on (Update: Weave Sync is now called Firefox Sync) for Firefox. The plugin is now generally available to seamlessly bridge your desktop and mobile Firefox experiences. Using Weave Sync add-on from Mozilla Labs, you can now securely access all of your personal data across all supported devices, making your Web experience instantly more personal and useful. Weave Sync synchronizes your bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and open browser tabs between different computers that run Firefox. Mozilla ensures your data privacy by encrypting all the data before transmission to the end-to-end client. How to use Weave...

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DownThemAll – Best Free Download Manager for Firefox

Yesterday my friend called me up asking for a free download manager so that he can download some large files without any problem. I suggested him DownThemAll! Firefox plugin instead of an standalone download manager. I didn’t suggest him any standalone free download manager as most of them comes with ad bars for displaying ads. Created by Federico Parodi and Stefano Verna, DownThemAll (or dTa as it is also known) is one of the best Firefox extensions. DownThemAll is easy to install, use, and works as described. Better yet, it’s free and is available for Windows platform, Mac OS and Linux. DownThemAll is the only Firefox plugin you will ever need if you want maximum control over multiple, large downloads. This small download manager is also powerful enough to speed up, queue for later, and batch download sets of files from the web based on patterns you define in one click. You may use it download the links or images contained on a Web page. You can download all links and images, manually choose individual or multiple items, or select links and images through a variety of preset and customizable filters. DownThemAll also contains a download manager and download accelerator that the creators claim “increases speed up to 400%”. The possibilities are endless. Highly recommended for all your download needs! Which download manager do you use or is your favourite? Have...

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