Disable Java In Your Browser, On Windows, Mac OS X Platform [Complete Tutorial]


With more and more zero-day vulnerabilities are uncovered which is affecting Oracle's Java plugin, users are now often asking how to disable Java or remove Java from their Windows computers or Mac platform. First, let us clear the confusion which arises among most users about Java … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit For Windows Back, As Nightly Builds Only


Mozilla Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg, last month, quietly announced the death of 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows. He posted a thread over on the Google Groups, mozilla.dev.apps.firefox discussion board titled "Turning off win64 builds" making the announcement. At the thread, he listed … [Read more...]

Mozilla Adds Vulnerable Java 7 Update 7 To Blocklist [Security Alert]


Mozilla has added Java 7 Update 7 to its add-on block list after it found the plugin vulnerable. This means, if you have Java 7 Update 7 installed on your computer (be it Windows, Linux or Mac), Firefox will automatically block the Oracle Java plugin. Oracle Java 7 Update 7 is admittedly not the … [Read more...]

Download Latest Firefox 17.0, Adds New Social Feature, Click-to-Play Blocklisting, HSTS lists and More


On November 19, 2012, Mozilla has released the latest Firefox 17.0 web browser (stable channel) for all supported platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android. The most exciting feature is with Firefox 17, Mozilla finally brings social integration, to the stable channel of the web … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger For Firefox Now Available, The First Social API App

facebook messenger for firefox

Mozilla announced few days back about Firefox beta's preliminary support for Social APIs. Mozilla has finally come up with the very first app based on this Social API's, Facebook Messenger for Firefox. This app is really slick in design and functionality. If you are one of those Facebook users who … [Read more...]

Mozilla Releases Latest Firefox 16.0.1 Fixing Security Vulnerability


Mozilla has released latest Firefox 16.0.1 after fixing the vulnerability it found in Firefox 16. The latest Firefox build, 16.0.1, is available for all supported desktop and mobile platforms. Mozilla discovered a security vulnerability in Firefox 16 and temporarily removed it from current … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262 Update Fixes Firefox Issues


Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3.300.262, which officially fixes the issues faced by Mozilla Firefox users. Adobe Flash Player update that shipped earlier this month caused problems for Firefox users. Most users complained that the update caused Firefox to crash or freeze. Mozilla released an … [Read more...]

In-Content Preferences Coming To Firefox 15


When the first time I heard about "In-Content Preferences" over at Mozilla Links, I didn't understand anything about it. But after digging further, I found out that its a great new feature which is very common for Google Chrome users. Basically, Google Chrome displays its preferences as a regular … [Read more...]

Mozilla Planning Windows 8 Metro UI Version of Firefox

Microsoft Windows 8 will be the next version of Windows operating system. For the first time with Windows 8, Microsoft wants to offer desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, server, and media center PC users the same unified experience. It's not a secret anymore that Microsoft Windows 8 will come with two … [Read more...]

Waiting for Official Firefox 64-Bit? Try Waterfox, A Faster Variant of Firefox


With each new release of Firefox by Mozilla, we see better performance, stability and security. But, despite all these improvements, Firefox is still resolutely a 32-bit browser. Yes, Mozilla is still working on Firefox 64-bit, but for some reason, they haven't officially released any 64-bit builds … [Read more...]