If you’ve got a working Gmail account with lots of important emails, you might want to back up all your emails. Around 500,000 Gmail users lost access to their inbox over the weekend. Some of Gmail’s users found all their Gmail stuff vanished. While, we haven’t experienced the issue personally, but according to reports, the glitch effectively reset some accounts, treating their owners as new users complete with welcome messages.

The last update from the App Status Page is as follows:

We have revised downward our estimate of the total number of users affected by this issue from 0.08% to 0.02% of Google Mail users. Access has been restored for one third of the affected users. The remaining 0.013% of accounts are being restored on an ongoing basis, and we expect the issue to be resolved for everyone within 12 hours.

Some ways to back up your Gmail are as follows :

  1. Use any desktop IMAP email client like Thunderbird, or Outlook, or Apple Mail. You can see the complete list of supported IMAP clients by Gmail here.
  2. Forward all your messages to your secondary email account.
  3. Use Getmail: Read here for a simple how-to by Matt Cutts.

Online backup service Backupify is taking the opportunity to entice new users with a coupon code (savegmail) for a year of free backup, including Gmail.

From now until 11:59pm Eastern time on March 1, Backupify is giving away a free year of Backupify Pro 100 service to anybody who asks for it.

See more details on the Backupify blog.

Do you use any other method to back up your email? Share with us.