How To Enable Or Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer Plugin (Quick Tip)

Google Chrome web browser comes with an in-built PDF viewer for viewing PDF files. It comes very handy when you want to have a glance before downloading any PDF files. Many Google Chrome users finds the in-built PDF reader as a very good feature of the browser. As with everything in this world, you cannot please everyone. As like the users who loves this features, many users dislikes the PDF reader. These users wants to use their favorite PDF reader applications instead of the Chrome PDF Viewer to view PDF files. Whether you like or dislike the feature, this post will come handy for you all. If for any reason the in-built PDF reader is disabled in Google Chrome, here’s how to enable it again. If you fall into the second group of users who don’t want to use the in-built PDF reader, here’s how you can disable Chrome PDF Viewer plugin.

How To Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer Plugin

  • Open a New Tab in Google Chrome web browser.
  • Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar and press Enter.


  • Find the entry for Chrome PDF Viewer, and simply click on the Disable link.

From now on, Google Chrome will prompt you to download the PDF file instead of opening it.

How To Enable Google Chrome PDF Viewer Plugin

Follow the first two steps (as described above) to open the plug-ins tab in Google Chrome. Fine the Chrome PDF Viewer and click on the Enable link. Google Chrome will then enable Chrome PDF Viewer for you. You can now view any PDF file using the browser, without the need to install any PDF reader in your computer.

If you are interested in also disabling the Google Chrome built-in Flash support read here for a quick solution.

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