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Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, 1 Year License Key [Expired Promotion]

SK Mezanul Haque

SK Mezanul Haque is the founder of MyTechGuide.org (popularly known as My Technology Guide). Passionate about all things in tech. Let's meet: Google Plus.

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20 Responses

  1. James Gunn says:

    Thanks M. You are ‘The Man’
    Really appreciate this. I just installed 30 day trial of Comodo 2011 IS pro and was gonna use free version after. But now that’s changed with this post. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks

    • Mezanul says:

      You are welcome! Glad this post was useful for you. :)

      If you need any assistance in changing the language or face any problem using it, you can reply here. I will help you out! Till then stay safe with KIS 2011 for one year! ;)

      • James Gunn says:

        Can you tell me in your opinion if this is one of if not ‘The’ best IS available. Or what do you think about me keeping the Comodo firewall. I might use Utorrent occasionally!

        • Mezanul says:

          In my opinion and from my experience as a KIS user for the last three years, I can tell you that I am completely satisfied with it. You don’t have to keep Comodo Firewall installed as KIS comes with its own firewall and keeping on two firewalls at a time will cause problems.

          You will not face problems using utorrent as I too occasionally use utorrent to download Linux distributions without any problem or changing any special settings.

          Hope this helps. :)

      • zhihao says:


        i have change the registry but after i reboot from safe mode to normal..it ask me to reinstall n no eng version was available. i have tried a few times already in restarting.

        pls help me..thank you

  2. Nicholas Teo says:

    Thank for this information. I am going over to get my free copy now. If anyone has a problem with the Chinese site let me know I can help to get you your license.

  3. callie says:

    Nicholas Teo,… I can’t get the KIS cuz , all the time the screen says: wrong verification code, but the code is correct !!! I put my email and then when I have to put the code does not works. so
    if you please help me I really apppreciate. thanks in advance….I want it !!!! plz….

    • Mezanul says:

      The key is only valid for KIS 2011 Chinese installer. Please read the article.

      • callie says:

        sorry Im talking about the captcha code !! so I did not receive the code, cuz I cant go without
        captcha confirmation and instead the code is right the screen give me a message ” wrong number”
        so, I can put my email, but I dont know why , the page dont recognize my right captch…help me plz…thanks…

        • Mezanul says:

          Callie, we have just checked the page again. Even though the offer is still running but they have put an IP check and is now providing licenses only to IP addresses inside China.

          Here is what that dialog says in english (Google Translate):


          Sorry, your region is not presented within the scope of this event, thank you for your support and interest!

  4. shirley says:

    Nicholas.. I am not able to get the key i gave my email id n entered the number but showing some error after that.. this offer is valid till dec 3 but why am i not getting the license key..? please help.

  5. Bill says:

    can someone send me the license key?


  6. john says:

    Hi everyone, I can’t get a serial from the promowebsit . Can anybody send me 3 free serials for my 3 computers? Please, will you send it to john23********

  7. Mezanul says:

    @Bill, @john, I had to remove your email addresses from your comments for the safety of your accounts.

  8. Alex says:

    I had some issues trying to get a key from the website, If you can help me acquire one I would be forever grateful!

  9. AKASH says:

    Hi everyone, I can’t get a serial from the promowebsit . Can anybody send me 1 free serial For my 1 computer?
    Please, will you send it to akash.kundu5*******?

  10. Alex says:

    Ive tried about 10 different Chinese proxies so far and haven’t gotten any further than I did before. Can you recommend a proxy that you know works by chance?

  11. rajveer says: