Microsoft Legally Allows Installation and Use of Microsoft Office on Two Computers

SK Mezanul Haque

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4 Responses

  1. jhon abraham says:

    If you are in search of affordable laptop computers you should know some things about them first. Thank You :).

  2. Chr Trster says:

    I don’t understand completely. When you use one PC as private (e.g. the desktop) and one PC as commercial (e.g. the notebook), why is it allowed to use one Home-Student license for both? Microsoft says that Home-Business or higher is required for commercial use.

    • Mezanul says:

      Home-Student license is not allowed if you use for commercial purpose. I have already mentioned it in the article:

      “After all, if you’re using your computers for commercial purposes you’re obviously not supposed to be using Microsoft Office Home and Student versions.”

      But, at the end I am not a lawyer nor Microsoft’s representative. So you can contact them for clarification. :)

  3. Dave White says:

    Doe Microsoft also allow copying Access up to 3 computers (only one being desktop if I understood correctly) owned by the same person, or is it only Office?

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