VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC Media Player is one of my favorite media player. It is one of the best media player which is available, can play any media that you throw at it! I know that it doesn’t need any new introduction, so today I am sharing with you the full keyboard shortcuts that I know and use. You don’t have to be rocket-scientist to know that using keyboard shortcuts really helps and makes our life easier and gives us more control! And who wants to fiddle with the mouse and point at any button when you can just press a key or a combination of two to do the job in a fraction of second? ;-) These keyboard shortcuts below work for VLC Media Player 1.0.x and will/may also work with the previous versions and the latest versions seamlessly. If I missed any or if I mistyped any keyboard shortcuts don’t hesitate to tell me using the comments below. Happy controlling VLC!


Shortcuts for navigation while playing movie with VLC
CTRL + FOpen folder
CTRL + DOpen disc menu
CTRL + R or CTRL + SAdvanced open file
CTRL + OOpen single file/files
CTRL + Up Arrow or CTRL + Down ArrowIncrease/Decrease Volume
FSwitch from/to Fullscreen
MMute and Unmute Audio
VShow, Switch, or Hide Movie Subtitles
Space BarPause or Play the Movie
PPlay the Movie (from the very beginning)
SStop Playing the Movie
SHIFT +Left Arrow or SHIFT + Right ArrowFast Rewind or Fast Forward by 3 seconds
ALT + Left Arrow or ALT + Right ArrowFast Rewind or Fast Forward by 10 seconds
CTRL + Left Arrow or CTRL + Right ArrowFast Rewind or Fast Forward by 1 minute
ESCExit the Fullscreen mode
+ or Play the movie faster or slower
AChange the aspect ratio
BChange Audio/Language track
CCrop screen
G or HIncrease or Decrease subtitle delay
J or KIncrease or Decrease audio delay
ZChange Zoom
CTRL + 1 or CTRL + 2 or CTRL + 3 or CTRL + 4Change the zoom mode
TShow time
CTRL + TGo to time
Shortcuts to manage VLC Player, Playlists and for using some Special Commands
CTRL + HHide/Unhide Controls
CTRL + PVLC Player Preferences
CTRL + EAdjust Audio/Video Effects
CTRL + BEdit Bookmarks
CTRL + MOpen Messages
CTRL + NOpen Network
CTRL + COpen the Capturing Device
CTRL + LOpen Playlist
CTRL + YSave Playlist
CTRL + I or CTRL + JMedia Information
ALT + AAudio menu
ALT + HHelp menu
ALT + MMedia menu
ALT + PPlaylist menu
ALT + TTool menu
ALT + VVideo menu
ALT + LPlayback menu
DShow the Movie path
NPlay Next Movie from Playlist
F11Switch Window to/from Fullscreen Mode
ALT + F4Quit VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player for Mac users can find most of the keyboard shortcuts by taking a look at the menus. Additional hotkeys are defined in the section “Hotkeys” of your VLC preferences.
Some handy keyboard shortcuts are as follows (courtesy VideoLAN Wiki):

  • Press the spacebar to start/pause the video.
  • When playing video, holding down the Apple key and pressing the F key enters and exits fullscreen. When in fullscreen you can also use the escape key to exit the fullscreen state.
  • When playing video, holding the Apple and Shift keys and pressing the left/right arrow keys, jumps the video backward/forward about a minute.
  • When playing video, holding the Apple and Ctrl keys and pressing the left/right arrow keys, jumps the video backward/forward about ten seconds.
  • When you are watching a DVD and the video window is the front-most window you can use the arrow keys and the enter key to navigate the DVD menus.
  • F – Decrease Audio Delay in milliseconds
  • G – Increase Audio Delay in milliseconds
  • H – Decrease Subtitle Delay
  • J – Increase Subtitle Delay


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