Audials One 9 Giveaway

Audials One is an all-in-one solution to all your entertainment needs. Audials One 9 has improved a lot since Audials One 8, which we last reviewed.

Audials One 9 helps you to organize your music collection, play music, listen to online Internet radio stations, record streaming music from various sites, record streaming videos from video hosting websites, download music, convert videos, subscribe to podcasts, create ringtones for your cellphone, and rip DVDs. With its built-in DRM remover, you can remove copy protection from purchased music and videos.

The software also lets you sync your music library with any portable media player out there. With the addition of various cloud services and its own Audials Anywhere technology, you can virtually play music from anywhere through your own personal cloud.


Before we share more details about our exclusive Audials One 9 giveaway, we would like to thank Audials AG (formerly known as RapidSolution Software), the company behind this awesome software for giving us the genuine license keys of Audials One 9.

Below is an introduction of Audials One if you haven’t heard about the software before.

Normally, a license of Audials One retails for $59.90 but if you participate in our exclusive Audials One 9 giveaway, you may win one of the three genuine license keys available.

Participate and Win: Audials One 9 Giveaway

Simply use the giveaway widget below to participate in the Audials One 9 giveaway. Complete as many steps as you can to increase your chances of becoming one of the lucky winner.

Winners will be selected after August 8, 2012, 8 p.m. (GMT -8). We will email winners with further information on how to claim the prize.

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Winners Announced

The three lucky winners are:

  • Briareous Hex
  • Florin Ghita
  • Sidd Srk

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Thank you all for participating and making it a success.

Note: Winners please check your email for further instructions. If you cannot find an email from PunchTab Giveaway, please check your spam/junk.

  • Jay

    I would use Audials One to organize my music collection and listen to internet radio. Thanks,.

  • sidd

    hope i win.

  • Winnetou Haeberle

    If I could get a license, I would replace audials one 8 by the giveaway version. Please count me in. Regards & thank you.

  • dandy

    nice giveaway.
    thanks to
    please, count me in

  • Joanna

    I really like this software and I want to win it. Great contest. Please count me in. :)

  • Joanna

    Sorry, previous link to my tweet was incorrect:

  • Judy Lee

    The cloud services definitely interests me.

  • Florin G

    I will use Audials One 9 to listen to online Internet radio stations, record streaming music from various sites and record streaming videos from video hosting websites.

  • Ravi

    This software seems good to have! Thank You!

  • ibhecks

    latest version with better features, I was lucky to be able to get one of these gifts, thank you for making this giveaway

  • lindsay

    My girls would use audials one all the time thanks to great contest count me in thank you .I have just found this site and it is awesome AAA+++

  • briareoushex

    Organize music collection.
    Count me in giveaway.

  • Rodney

    i have used audials the free version before it is very good at letting you find radio stations of artists and recording them downloading youtube video record audio from sites like grooveshark and manage your music collection all in a good software that does it all for you instead of downloading and using different programs hope i win a copy license for this really good software

  • Ghost

    Thanks For campaign.Good Giveaway.

  • Mark

    I really like the possibility of record any audio, video or movie online…
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Tony

    The feature of AudialsOne the most I use is music grab.

  • Søren Dalsgaard

    Who won? I am looking in my inbox everyday, but I see nothing! :-)

    • Mezanul

      Søren, winners will be announced later today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. :)